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Trang nhất 07.06.2023 09:37
Polycom ® RSS ™ 2000
06.08.2010 15:56

Polycom ® RSS ™ 2000 cho phép tổ chức để chia sẻ dữ liệu và giao tiếp hiệu quả hơn bằng cách ghi và streaming video thông tin. Người dùng có thể bắt đầu ghi âm từ bất kỳ điểm cuối nào hoặc từ MCU. Giữa hai điểm video hội nghị, hệ thống sẽ ghi lại cả hai trong một dòng duy nhất. Mỗi điểm hội nghị có thể được ghi lại và truyền trực tiếp lên web.


                                                         Polycom ® RSS ™ 2000

Application Highlights

•  Record single point, point to point or multipoint conferences

•  Capture presentations with H.239

•  Polycom high definition (HD) support with 720p and 1080p H.264 video and Siren™ 22 audio

•  Clustering of multiple Polycom RSS 2000s for higher availability and redundancy

•  Integration with the Polycom VMC 1000 for enhanced video content management

•  Transcoding of video content using the new RSS 2000 Media Toolkit

•  Playback of video content from an endpoint or the Web

•  Integrates with HDX DVR buttons on the remote control for simple initiation of recording and playback

•  Integrates with Polycom MCUs, RMX 2000, RMX 1000, MGC, for simple recording of multipoint video conferencing

•  XML API support for third party integrations Audio/Video Support

Audio/Video Support

•  Live Video Resolutions: QCIF, C(S)IF, 4CIF, SD, 720p and 1080p HD, XGA, VGA

•  Audio support: G.711 a and u, G.722, G.728, G.722.1, Annex C, Siren 14, Siren 22 Stereo

•  AES Media encryption between the video conference system and the RSS 2000

Media Conversion – Polycom RSS 2000 Media Tool kit

•  Multimedia presentation sharing with H.239 Media Conversion – RSS 2000 Media Tool kit

•  Offline conversion to MPEG 4 or QuickTime® format with Media Tool kit

•  Offline transcoding of media to lower bit rates

•  Retain only video content by removing H.239 content from media with Media Tool kit


•  Records video at varying bit rates – 128 kbps to 4 Mbps

•  Up to 1080p HD record and playback, record stereo calls in single point and point to point calls

•  Records presented content via H.239

•  Single stream, side by side, layout options for video and content

•  IVR support to provide users system feedback

•  Flexible recording environments initiated from either an H.323 MCU or video endpoint

•  Supports up to 2 concurrent video confer­encing recording sessions

Polycom ® RSS ™ 2000

•  High availability through RSS 2000 clustering – enables users to take advantage of excess capacity on other RSS 2000 servers


•  Archived Playback to H.323 endpoint, MCU or gateway

•  Search and sorting options for archives from endpoint interface

•  Preview video before play back from H.323 endpoint

•  Offload converted video content for playback on other multimedia devices

•  Up to 10 video endpoints can access RSS 2000 for playback, more in a clustered RSS 2000 environment


•  Unicast up to 50 concurrent streams

•  Multicast

•  Webcast live or on demand with Windows Media® player and RealPlayer®

•  Interoperates with the Polycom VMC 1000 for expanded streaming scalability and Video on Demand content management


•  Up to 700 hours at 384kbps of H.323 and Windows® compatible file format content


•  User and Endpoint viewing and recording rights authorization

•  Terminal recording and viewing rights authorization based on the identification

•  NAT support for firewalls

•  Microsoft® Security upgrade for Windows XP Operating System

•  TLS/SSL and HTTPS Support

•  Anti Virus Application Support


•  Embedded Web server enables full control, configuration and monitoring of system and recordings

•  Support for third-party Gatekeepers

•  Online status of current connected H323 devices

•  User Management with Active Directory Integration

•  Diagnostic logging

•  Network Time Protocol

•  Menu Customization for the Web interface and the video conferencing endpoint

•  Move files from one RSS 2000 to another RSS 2000 through the RSS 2000 Media Tool Kit

•  Automatic Backup and Delete through System utilities for automatic content archiving

Language support

•  English

•  Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)

•  Japanese

•  Korean

•  Portuguese (Brazilian)

•  Spanish (Latin America)

•  Russian

•  German

•  French

•  Italian

•  Norwegian

Network Interface

•  10/100 Ethernet


•  Input Voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 3-5 Amps

•  Thermal controlled 220W ATX AC power supply w/PFC

System Configuration

•  250GB Hard Disk

Physical Dimensions

•  Form Factor: 1U 19" rack mount

•  Height: 1.73" (44 mm)

•  Width: 16.83" (430 mm)

•  Depth: 15.35" (390 mm)

•  Gross Weight: 22.4 lbs (10.2 kg)

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